Counseling  Aqreement (Verbal)

Our Responsibilities

1) We will provide safety. Our location and work with you is designed to give a safe environment for you to open yourself to the inner work of psychological and personal change

2)It is our pledge to do our best to assist with your problem or problems

3)It is also our responsibility to be clear with you about how we evaluate your presenting problems and your ongoing work with us, as well as to explain what our treatment plans and
goals are

Your Responsibilities

1)  to show up for client sessions. When possible, client sessions are set up on a regular schedule

The regularity of your sessions is an important part of your therapy work. We work with your schedule as best as we can.

2) take seriously the work we are doing - to cooperate with requests to do any "homework" given to you, and to spend time between sessions thinking, exploring and teasing the issues we are working on.

3) You will uphold the financial agreement established with us. When or if circumstances make this impossible or a serious problem, we ask that you be truthful with us about it, so we
can explore additional options available

4) You are responsible for being as open and honest with us as is possible. At times this may be your greatest challenge in therapy

5) You are expected to be free of the influence of alcohol and drugs, except with the specific knowledge and approval of the therapist.


Therapy or Counseling is actually a contract- an agreement between the therapist and client in which each has appropriate responsibilities and realistic expectations.

First visit is to evaluate our ability to help you.

Session is 55 minutes duration      

Agreed fee to be paid at start of session

Advise us, in timely manner, of cancellation

Treatment is entirely voluntary and you have the right to terminate contract at any time.

Emerald Counseling has the right to terminate therapy with you under the following condition:

We believe that therapy with Emerald Counseling is no longer beneficial to you and we believe that you will be better served by another professional.